I have had a lot of challenges in my life, and a lot of successes. I overcame educational struggles to develop a love for learning. I have been a full-time father to my beautiful children after my wife left me. I experienced what it was to struggle financially and having to sell my VCR to pay for rent. I lost my youngest son and battled cancer. There were many challenging times but these challenges led me to want to transform myself and achieve greatness.

Courses with Lane Olsen

World Class Life Formula

Showing You How to Unlock the Code on Creating a World Class Life. Living a Life with Power, Passion and Purpose.

Ripped Body Today

“ You Can’t Change Your Age, But You Can Change Your Body” My Vision is to bring awareness to all nations on improving their Health and Fitness. Empowering like minded people to transform their bodies and to live a healthy lifestyle. I am passionate and committed about living a healthy and active lifestyle. If you’re looking to get leaner, stronger, decrease body-fat, as well as learning about the benefits of herbs and the power of juicing you have come to the right place. My ultimate goal is to have you stay young and have the energy and the body to do what you love, regardless of your age. Today your life changes!

Goal Setting University

Introducing Goal Setting University The Secrets of Goal Setting On AutoPilot Goal Setting University will give you the tools and resources to achieve your goals and be who you have the potential to become. If you are seeking more success and striving for a world class life, then Goal Setting University will help transform your life to ultimate achievement. If your goal is to have better Health, Stronger Relationships, Greater Wealth, or simply be a Better You.


DISCOVER How to be a Successful Father, Create more Wealth, Get in the Best Shape of your Life and Date Beautiful Women! Are you a single father struggling to find the time and resources to be a successful parent and provider. Are you scared to date again or your dreaming of the good old days when your body was in the the best shape of your life. Then join us at the next Fathers on Fire retreat, where you will learn strategies and tactics to build stronger relationships with your kids, date beautiful women, create more wealth while creating the body of your dreams.


Marci Lock

TV & Radio’s Nutrition-Fitness & Mindset Expert

Lane is one of the most dynamic and amazing people I’ve been blessed to experience.  He has a passion for life and a desire to share the knowledge he’s learned to experience an extraordinary life.  If you are looking for change, his influence is bound to transform your life.

Woody Woodward

CEO Emotional Fingerprint

Lane has the ability to take you from where you are to where you want to be. His cutting edge ability to help you get the best out of your life. If you have the ability to work with him you will not be disappointed.

Flint Finlinson

CEO Propaganda Inc.

Lane is dynamic, enthusiastic, with a passion for excellence in everything he does. His driven approach to achieving goals. Those who have ever worked closely with him will attest to the amazing value he brings to any organization.




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